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Charles Spurgeon understood the threat of Liberalism over a hundred years ago. The fight over truth, the very Gospel itself continues to rage and it seems that the Liberal side may be gaining ground. Thinking about a quote from Spurgeon lead me to come up with 4 questions for Liberal "Christians".


Troubled times are ahead for those of us Christians that remain faithful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If we refuse to compromise our faith to the false and idolatrous religion of Liberalism we may soon start to suffer consequences.


As a Christian I am most grateful that there are men with fortitude and integrity that will stand up against the falsehood in the book.

Even the book title itself should set off alarm bells:

Jesus Manifesto: Restoring the Supremacy and Sovereignty of Jesus Christ

Since when did the LORD Jesus Christ need his supremacy and sovereignty restored? There never has been a time when Jesus has not reigned supreme and sovereign, "I AM" always is sovereign and supreme, He is God after all is said and done and He needs no help from mere sinful man in that regard.

Rev. Adrian Piazza

Chris, great post. Many modern "churchmen" believe that they can hegel their way out of the binary: law/gospel, belief/unbelief, beginning and end/cyclical realities. Unfortunately, Hegelian dialectic is itself a trap. When un-change and change synthesize it always moves in the direction of change. Therefore, the third way is mere accommodation slowed and masked for those who are uneasy with true binary problem solving.

Connie Waters

Chris, I suggest you look at John Wesley and early Methodism. It sounds as if they are doing little more then expounding on Wesley's attempts to join Christians together in a "center path" a "third way". I was blessed to spend the last two days hearing Dr. Sweet speak at the Memphis Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church but unfortunately was unable to get a copy of the book because it has SOLD OUT at the publisher's level. I look forward to reading it.

I also take objection to your defining of "the left" because you (as a member of the "right" represent your side in all of it's glory in a positive light and then project everything YOU believe to be true of the "left" with the negative light of the conclusions you have drawn. My I suggest a "third way", that you ask someone truly representitive of the left what they believe about the catagories that you defined so that it is more representational of what "typical" "left" leaning folk believe.

And as too your objection to the "third way" I DO understand that the option of a middle road has been forever sullied for you by Rush Limbaugh's assertion that "Moderates are jelly fish with no backbone or anything they stand behind" but in the Methodist tradition Moderates are peacemakers, and I do believe the Bible has something literal to say about the peacemakers....hum....maybe there IS a third way beloved brother in Christ.


I believe what authoritative witness scripture provides, ie - life death and resurrection of X - the parables taught of the Good Samaritan, the wisdom found in X's words - 'the one who seeks to save his [sic] life will lose it; the one losing his life will be saved' - loving one's enemy (those we find across the ideological aisles that threaten our 'way of thinking'), in fact everything X taught opens us grace, mercy, forgiveness, and Love as that which reveals what is truly REAL - And when we look at the Way X leads, guides, teaches - it stands starkly against the 'alternative' ways driven by fear, and hate, mistrust and self-loathing that some in contemporary society seek to pawn as a foundation for a faithful relationship with God.
God's Peace - the Peace of the Cross be with you - not the settled, narcissistic delusion that the world gives: but the Peace of the Christ.

Frank Gnat

I started reading another book by Frank Viola concerning the unchurched and immediately saw that his beliefs concerning Christianity were not orthodox; I couldn't even finish the book. Thanks for your insight.


Third Way? So Jesus Christ told a lie when He said that He was The Way, The Truth and The Life, and no man comes to the Father but through Him?

Let' stop kidding ourselves with nice long words, and philosophical speeches, we need to choose this day whom we are going to serve. Jesus Christ or the Anti-Christ and his minions.


It's Hegelian Dialectical Materialism, they're trying to make a synthesis of the thesis and antithesis. Just like Hitler's "Third Way," it's fascism.

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