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George Elerick

Chris! Thanks for having me on here. Love you bro!

Just some thoughts from my end:

I went through some Hebrew when I was in college, its part of my degree. the problem with his critique is that he supposes I don't have sources just because I don't cite them, I usually use a series of lexicons, chats with rabbis/scholars and the sort before i go ahead with the writing. i look up midrash. and the... See More difference between echad and ehad isn't as big of deal as he is playing, depending on which jewish person you talk to you, you could even get an alternative spelling because of the differences in translation between old hebrew and new hebrew.

Ken Silva

"I don't have sources just because I don't cite them,..."

Correction George; he's saying, correctly I might add, that you don't have any credible sources which refute the credible sources that he cites.

That's a huge difference.

James Townsend

George has great ideas. I don't know if he's a certified Hebrew scholar or not. Just like I don't know if Chad Rosebrough is (it's possible that credentials may begin to be tossed around after I say that). But what's more important is, to me, it just doesn't matter.

I would agree w/ George's positions even if he never cited a word of Hebrew. I've never been much into playing the "I know the original meaning" game.

The Bible's not a bomb that needs to be disarmed, and that normal people need to be afraid of, and that only certified disarmers of the text can appropriately approach.

George asks some really important questions, and is actually daring enough to suggest some answers (which many folks don't do).

I didn't even get that he was promoting polytheism, here, as your title suggests, but just that he may have been suggesting that that's one possibility the original writers may have been dealing with. Not that we should become polytheists, or that George is a polytheist.

The title "emergent polytheism" is, I think, misleading, because I don't see anyone encouraging anyone else to be polytheist. I see people exploring the worldviews of the early writers of these texts (some of which may have included a plurality of gods).

Ken Silva

My further thoughts on the matter: http://apprising.org/2010/06/11/george-elerick-postmodernism-and-irrational-philosophy/

Friend of Muslims

"this could also be referring to the ancient pantheon of Gods that were borrowed by the Jews from the neighbouring/warring Canaanites..."
No polytheism? To take this position you have to fundamentally ignore the deeply shocking nature of the monotheism (shocking, that is, to all their neighbouring peoples) of the descendants of Abraham - and moreover the abhorrence clearly expressed of all images in the Mosaic law. There is just no explanation for the beacon light that existed in Israel in utter contrast to the child-sacrifice demanding prostitution-worship of the hideous Canaanite gods, except that a sovereign God chose to thus reveal Himself. In this context we understand the oft-repeated warning to Israel "I the Lord your God am a jealous God" - He did not want His people polluted in the slightest with the totally amoral world-view of idolatrous polytheism.


@James: Thanks James.

@Friend of Muslims:

The jealous God refers to YHWH the warring God who was in the council of El. David worships YHWH. If you google 'YHWH', Jealous God' and rifle through some of the links you might be surprised to see how YHWH was a jealous God. Moses followed YHWH as well. Somewhere along the way though, God decided to show up.

Friend of Muslims

What God was and is jealous of is that His people do not end up deceived into some god of their imagination. The question of how the Jewish nation came to a totally different morality from the surrounding nations and an understanding of a completely immanent Being having created all things - "The righteous Yahweh who loves righteousness" - is ignored here; as well as the "history of failure" which characterises the Bible account as truth, in complete contrast to the "histories of success" of all the other ancient peoples.


"I have sources... I just don't tell you what they are so you can't actually check them." - Georgophrase

Also: George, Chris is not "supposing" you don't have any sources and critiqueing you because of that.
He is supposing the Bible is actually a coherent text and can be understood.
You are just mangling things without any regard for what the text says.

"The jealous God refers to YHWH the warring God who was in the council of El. David worships YHWH. If you google 'YHWH', Jealous God' and rifle through some of the links you might be surprised to see how YHWH was a jealous God. Moses followed YHWH as well. Somewhere along the way though, God decided to show up." -GeorgeQuote

What utter unmitigated silliness.
This statement shows a complete lack of any interest in truth and demonstrates a total unwillingness to actually read what the Bible says.

You can't get this drivel from Genesis. Nor from Exodus... nor from Leviticus... not Deuteronomy either... certainly not Numbers.

This is simply and purely made up by someone who has no regard for the truth and no regard for coherently reading literature.

This is the literary equivalent of arguing that the evil Strider was locked in battle with the noble Aragorn until Elesar came and defeated Strider and saved the Kingdom of Rhudaur from Strider's invading Dwarven armies led by his Lieutenant, Elohir.

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