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God Bless you Chris cause my head hurts from your show sometimes. I at least can skip some of those sermons LOL It is frustrating. Even so, my first reaction should be to pray for these people. (Sometimes I’d rather just smack them some sense but, without God’s grace would I myself have any?)


First you say that 'liberals, progressives and emergents' may tell you that feeding the poor is the gospel. This assertion is inaccurate. I, as a liberal, progressive and emergent Christian, believe that my job as a Christian is to share Christ's love with all his children. Loving God with all my heart, soul and mind and loving my neighbor as myself. I want to share the bounty of a life in Christ and I want to emulate his works so that what I do is pleasing to the Father.

In order to share Christ's love and sacrifice, I find it is helpful to ensure people have food and shelter. It is difficult to consider one's eternal soul when you are too busy worrying how you will feed your family or yourself. Consider Maslow's heiarchy of needs where self-actualization can only come after the basic needs are met. Being able to live in the Grace and Peace that God provides is outside of our nature as imperfect humans. One must be able to contemplate love, comfort, security - try doing that when you know that your children are dying because they have no food or shelter and you are so wracked with guilt and worry that you cannot figure out how to get out of the vicious cycle.

You assert that because Jesus decided not to be King in the text that he didn't want a "government where everyone was fed,no poverty, food for everyone) where social justice... equal food distribution...everyone had their fill". Jesus did not come to earth to be King, that was not his purpose which is why he denied the appointment, not because he didn't want a goverment focused on social justice.

To even imply that Christ was against social justice in any form is ludicris! Just as ludicris as trying to lump all liberals, progressives and emergents into one big group and then define them my your narrow understanding.

You know better Chris, seriously. You've had extended conversations with a number of different self-proclaimed emergent ministers. You can't seriously believe that everyone thinks the same thing nor can you reduce their beliefs into soundbites and still be speaking the truth.

You are bearing false witness by doing so and as a result are working toward the destruction of Christ's Church. You insist on argument and name calling rather than reconciliation and understanding. Repent of your sin of arrogance and try humility for a change.

Connie Waters

LOL Ditto what Shirley said!! Bravo sister!!

Chris Rosebrough (@PirateChristian)


Firstly, I have had some Emergents and Liberals and #outlawpreachers tell me in person and on the web that feeding the poor is the gospel.

You personally, as a liberal may not believe that it is but that does not take away from the fact that a percentage of those on the theological left do.

Secondly, I'm going to need you to define "social justice" before I can say whether Jesus was for it. Which definition of Social Justice are you proposing, the Progressive definition or the definition being put forward by Liberation theologians.

Is social justice loving your neighbor as a fruit of repentance and the Holy Spirit producing fruit in your life or is social justice the forced redistribution of wealth through Marxist economic policies. Which is it?

Thirdly, how do you define the gospel? Do you ever share "the gospel" with someone who has a job, a nice home, two cars and 2.3 children? If so, what do you tell someone who has zero need for social justice when it comes to Jesus Christ and what He's done?

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