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So don't let's dare to examine our faith, huh? Just listen to Chris Rosebrough and accept his opinions as fact, and everything will be fine.

Is it that you just want opportunities to smear Bell, Postmoderns, etc., or do you actually think about what you post? Because if it's the latter, that's both depressing and disturbing.

Son, you'll hopefully eventually learned that an unexamined faith is not worth having.

Chris Rosebrough (@PirateChristian)

Pastor Harrison,

I am not proclaiming "my opinions" of the Christian faith and its doctrines. I am proclaiming and defending what the Historic Christian church has taught and proclaimed from its beginnings.

You are the one who is behaving like a toddler having a temper tantrum because I refuse to acknowledge your new postmodern and progressive reimaginations as valid 'interpretations' of Biblical teaching.

Christianity doesn't need to be reinvented, re-examined, re-imagined or re-interpreted. It is supreme arrogance on your part to claim that it does. By doing so you are exalting your progressive/postmodern ideas above scripture and Christ Himself. Sorry, but God hasn't given you or anyone the authority to do such things and I'm here to remind you that your house of cards, false version of Christianity and its false Jesus are nothing but pipe dreams.

You've gotten all bent out of shape because I refuse to acknowledge you as a Christian brother. Is it any wonder why I won't? You do nothing but attack and mock historic Christian doctrine and sound Biblical theology.

Since you claim that it is outrageous that I don't view you as a Christian brother, why don't you tell me what doctrines we actually do have in common? Since you incessantly attack and mock what the Church has taught, proclaimed, confessed and believed throughout its entire history I'm curious to learn what you actually think we have in common.


This is a great post! I'm glad I read it. Honestly, I do see the point in the "putting God in a box" comment. Too often, I see people believing in this small, weak God who only came as an "example" for us. They'll take the incredible meek personality of Jesus in the Gospels, and explain away the rest. They say that God certainly cannot be anything like who he revealed himself to be in the rest of the Bible. He really does have wrath(but is slow to anger and rich in mercy, abounding in steadfast love...) for the unrighteous. For some reason they deny the God of Revelation, Joel 3 and other prophetic books, a Jesus who judges. Denying that is really putting God in a box.

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