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Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control, these three alone lead life to sovereign power.

Kirby L. Wallace

...First Jesus points the Pharisees to Genesis as if it alone provides the authoritative answer... Then Jesus quotes Genesis 1:27 as if it literally meant what it said... Then Jesus quotes Genesis 2:24 as if it literally meant what it said,...

Ah. I see the problem. And, well, I would suggest that if we will simply stop this nonsense of believing that God said what He meant, plainly, and instead regarded it all as a book of puzzles that God gave us to keep us entertained while he was away on business.... Really, if you will look at the Bible as "Seeing through the glass darkly", then you can easily forget all those "shot dead right between the eyes" bits.

Let us regard it all as a crime novel, with Jim Cagney, and Huphrey Bogart unravelling mysteries that we can only hope will come to a conclusion at some future time... just before the credits roll, if you will.

God speaking plainly in the scriptures? It's laughable! Let's face it, if luminaries like Oprah and Echardt, or any of the collection of new "Robs" and "Brians" cannot figure it all out, what chance have we simple men with our simple, uneducated, unenlightened minds, aided only by the help of some shadowy, mystical "holy spirit to guide us in all things pertaining to righteousness and salvation"?

Cammie Novara

"They incessantly attack the inerrancy, historicity and sufficiency of scripture and their attacks are getting bolder by the day." Truer words were never uttered.

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