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Just as with your "circus church" prediction, it's only a matter of time before one of these comes true. I especially liked what you wrote about Perry's church. His last Easter service, you must admit, was very relevant to sinners. Not so much to Christians, though.


Is Young gonna get that jet to land on the stage? I'd like to see that. It'd be simply AWESOME! Be a miracle I reckon. Book me a seat @ Fellowship Easter 2011 for sure.


Sadly, it was not until I got to the fourth entry that I realized this was made up. the first three all seemed completely (and tragically) plausible!

Andrew Ramsey

Got anything for the Las Vegas area? lol


Amazingly enough, your disclaimer at the end is important. However, Hybels wouldn't ever have the Mormon Tabernacle Choir because it'd be too churchy and not "boomer" enough. If you'd said that a Oneness Pentecostal gospel choir was coming, it'd be more plausible. ;-)

Juan  Palm

Dude! It really hurts when I only began to suspect satire by the third entry! Good thing you had the disclaimer on the bottom.

Booking Hanson reminded me of when I drove past a venue's marquis and read that Cinderella would be performing there. Then I noticed they had an opening act, and I thought, How bad do you have to be to open for Cinderella? Perhaps Third Eagle should look into it?


Maybe one or more of these churches might be so cutting edge that they cancel services for Easter Sunday. After all, isn't that what they do when Christmas falls on a Sunday?

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