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Joe Anderson

I'm taking first year Greek at bible college, this was a very interesting topic, I'll have to share it with my Greek instructor! Thanks for sharing, Chris!

Charly Choi

As a person who is about to get a degree in Biblical Studies, I am really amazed by how ignorant the scholars from the BBC doco are!

They're using the Codex Sinaiticus as if it is the "Original Manuscript" of the Bible. I acknowledge that it is possibly the earliest manuscript that contains both the OT and the NT (even the OT is translation of the Hebrew text......) but not as authoritative, by itself, as the people claim in the YouTube clip.

Your argument is fairly good! It is very insightful and faithful to the scripture.

And I want to add something to it as well.

Codex Vaticanus, dated around 325-350, is possibly earlier manuscript than Codex Sinaiticus (330-360). And guess what - Mark 1:1 from Codex Vaticanus doesn't omit "Uiou Theou" :D

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